Glyn Thomas talks to Tracy Damestani, Chief Executive PGCOOL of The National Casino Forum, Sarah Robinson, Head of Group Marketing at Caesars Entertainment, Kate Chambers, Managing Director at supports Clarion Gaming and Winner of the 2018 UK Dealer Championships, Slawomir Workun
Caesars croupier Slawomir Workun is focusing on an European title in the wake of being delegated the UK Dealer of the Year.

Slawomir, 34, saw off rivalry from 23 different finalists to guarantee the monetary reward of £2,000, supported by gaming innovation organization, Novomatic. The triumph was commended to extraordinary recognition as it was a ‘home success’ for rivalry has The Sportsman Casino, where he has filled in as a seller throughout the previous decade.

He will currently address the UK at the European Dealer Championships (EDC) in Montenegro in May, close by Shaun Kelly, from Les Ambassadeurs, who completed as first next in line and won a monetary reward of £1,000. Will Gosnold, of the Hippodrome, completed as second next in line and guaranteed a £500 monetary reward.

Clean conceived Slawomir, from Chessington, Surrey, said:

“I feel loose in front of Montenegro. I’m viewing at that as a vacation, most likely go the other day and loosen up a smidgen. I will not get ready excessively. I’m not going to endure two months rehashing my times table since that sounds senseless. I’m loose – we will proceed to pound the resistance!

“I’m certain. I’m not an arrogant individual but rather I remained in the chipping up and on my preparation school I was the slowest all of the time at chipping up, I was slowest all of the time at pushing the chips. So I am remaining there and I realize I won’t win it, and the person after me was the victor. Watching him chip up resembled watching a gatherer, and afterward this young lady takes a gander at him and says: ‘How might you be sure in the wake of watching that?’ I said I have forever been the slowest one, yet some way or another I am continuously winning.

“Most dire outcome imaginable is I returned from a couple of days in Montenegro with a pleasant tan and a few beautiful recollections. The best thing for me is the point at which you get to the main 5, anybody can win seeing the degree of rivalry. I didn’t anticipate winning the UK Dealer title. In the event that it’s my big moment I will win it, and regardless of whether not, I actually view myself as fortunate. Assuming that I am loosened up I will play my best game”.

The UK Dealer of the Year Championships, which is coordinated by The National Casino Forum, has turned into the pre-famous public club rivalry and pulled in participants from 12 organizations, with contenders coming from everywhere the country.

Focuses were granted to candidates for their specialized abilities, control of the game and accommodation, however the 20 appointed authorities focused on phenomenal client care, with the most focuses accessible in the friendliness classification.

Slawomir said: “I figured I would make the subsequent stage, I trusted I would get to the third stage, and perhaps make the main three, yet I genuinely didn’t anticipate winning it. I didn’t figure it would be me and it felt staggering when my name was called out as the champ.

I’m not awesome at anything, but rather I have a total game. I have great client care, I’m great with maths, I’m great with chips and card managing. It’s not difficult to track down individuals who are awesome at a singular ability, however it’s uncommon to track down someone with the total game”.

The day in the wake of winning the title Slawomir was elevated to examiner, however says he needs to continue managing: “I love to bargain. I generally prefer not to stand and sit idle. It resembles when you love driving a vehicle. In any event, when you are in the front seat you are doing the pedals, I feel the same way watching individuals bargain.

“At the point when I began individuals let me know that the uplifting outlook I had would blur. Bunches of the accomplished individuals I met said that following five years it would evaporate, yet it has never disappeared. I truly partake in my work still and not that many individuals can say that.

“I have been tipped 100% of the time as an extraordinary vendor by others, presently my supervisor needs me to motivate individuals and go about as all the more a tutor figure. That is something I am glad to do.

“I appreciate coaching a portion of the lesser croupiers. I generally attempt to advise individuals to recall the nuts and bolts. I was prepared in London and I know the systems and when you are feeling the squeeze and the game is occupied, you can zero in on the client support since it’s natural and your hands are now customized”.

Slawomir accepts the job of a croupier has changed during his ten years in the business. Client experience is currently key to the gig.

He said: “Clients are searching for the experience. Individuals who bet consistently know the possibilities of them winning, what they need is the connection and the experience. At times on the table you resemble a barman, they will stop for a minute is turning out badly at home or with their business, and you must have the option to pay attention to them and police the game. Individuals need association.

“These days is totally unique, when I initially began you were unable to warmly greet a client yet presently individuals feel extraordinary and they return since they realize we like their custom. The cordiality has changed such a huge amount over the most recent decade. We have such a lot of contest from on the web and it’s so natural to hop on your telephone or your PC. Individuals are hit from each and every point, and the main motivation to come here is the human angle that they won’t find elsewhere other than the gambling club”.

In spite of the fact that he has worked for Caesars Entertainment UK for quite a long time, Slawomir uncovered that his decision of vocation had occurred unintentionally.

He chuckled: “I wound up in gambling clubs as arbitrary karma! My companion was functioning as a barkeep in the Golden Nugget gambling club in London and I went for the meeting, got into the preparation school and that was it. Until that point, I had never been in a club, I’d just seen them in James Bond films!”

Slawomir additionally won one of the side occasions hung on the day, winning the maths prize. Different victors of the abilities challenges were:

Card controller – Shradda Fernandes, Aspers

Chipping – Chris Stanworth, The Opera House

Chip cutting – Chris Stanworth, The Opera House

Stack pushing – Ivan Vrso, Caesars Entertainment and Francesco Di Marco, Crown London Aspinalls

Tracy Damestani, CEO of The National Casino Forum, said:

“I was really glad by the norm of the opposition, which was incredibly high. It was awesome to see such countless administrators partaking and there was an extraordinary soul and fellowship over the course of the day.

“The 2018 Final was especially serious. The best croupiers order the gambling club floor, making environment and a feeling of event, and Slawomir is a commendable champ”.

She was satisfied to see that seven of the 24 hopefuls were female and Verity Kaye, addressing Park Lane Club, arrived at the last five. The National Casino Forum is advancing orientation variety all through the business, from the club floor to the meeting room.

Sarah Robinson, Head of Group Marketing at Caesars Entertainment, said she would prescribe facilitating the occasion to any administrator.

“It was an honor to have the opposition and to be associated with an occasion that advances the club business and our magnificent vendors. The entire business meets up for this occasion and it is an incredible open door to feature a scene to different administrators. For group at the Sportsman Casino set on an incredible show and worked effectively taking care of everyone.

“It was somewhat simple to have the occasion on the grounds that the NCF set up a functioning gathering to assist with getting sorted out it and we were not left alone without help. The occasion was additionally a chance to advance the club business on a more extensive stage and we ran a Beat The Dealer contest via online media channels, empowering the seller local area to show us their abilities. Incidentally, the opposition champ, Hugo Smart, likewise works for Caesars thus, along with Slawomir’s UK Dealer grant and being casted a ballot European Operator of the Year at the IGA Awards, it has been a full go-around of triumphs for Caesars!”

Kate Chambers, Managing Director at supports Clarion Gaming said:

“The UK Dealer Championship (UKDC) is a renowned occasion which advocate the one of a kind abilities and gifts that are expected to work in a client confronting job inside a gambling club and we are happy to help this opposition. Furthermore, the UKDC gives a significant shop window on what is a dynamic and invigorating area inside the extensively based stimulations and cordiality industry.”

Slawomir and Shaun currently turn their considerations past the UK, with the European Dealer Championship (EDC) running in Montenegro from 7-9 May 2018. Sent off in 2007 by the European Casino Association (ECA), it is one of the head occasions in the gaming schedule and last year united 33 members from a record-breaking 20 European nations with 31 appointed authorities managing the opposition. Antra Gaike, from Latvia’s Olympic Voodoo Casino, was delegated as Europe’s main all-round entertainer, and Slawomir and Shaun will endeavor to take the prize back to the UK.

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